Pääsimme upeaan FINLAND: Design - Knowhow - Nature kirjaan!

The book presents the best of Finland in a nutshell. Raimo Suikkari's 29th book tells about Finland in pictures and words. It includes extensive descriptions on the following three themes: design, knowhow and nature.

Other topics that are covered with pictures and captions include: Highly-educated Finns, economics and trade, experiences and events, Finnish customs and traditions, Finnish cuisine, art, architecture, literature, music, photography, Finnish film, theatre, sports, Finnish history, travel, attractions, Finnish Lapland and facts about Finland.

Finland is a country of diverse culture, with thousands of lakes and colorful seasons. In addition to the naturally beautiful surroundings, Finland has in recent years emerged as a country, whose gutsy inhabitants have given the world examples in science and art, as well as in economic performance. Finns, who are known to be active and trustworthy, have garnered appreciation throughout the world. The book provides a glimpse of Finland, its designs, its knowhow and its nature. 

Managing director Tiina Jaatinen and designer Minna Kokko with their design carpets. Hooked Design was selected as the winner of the Best Young University-level enterprise in Finland award in April 2010. 

Hooked Design is a Finnish design company that designs unique lace carpets. The carpets are manufactured from residual material from the textile industry. All products are manufactured in Finland, according to the principles of sustainable development. Designer Minna Kokko got her inspiration for the shape of the carpet from a rose window in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Hooked Design comes from the traditional crocheting technique which requires a crochet hook.